Trace Free ePUB by Liz Isaacson


Trace Free ePUB by Liz Isaacson
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Liz Isaacson
October 31, 2022
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Trace Free ePUB by Liz Isaacson

He’s been accused of only dating celebrities. She’s a simple line dance instructor in small town Coral Canyon, with a soft spot for kids…and cowboys. Trace could use some dance lessons to go along with his love lessons… Can he and Everly fall in love with the beat, or will she dance her way right out of his arms?

Trace Young is the quiet powerhouse of the Young family. He’s crazy talented with a guitar, and he has a voice as smooth as velvet. After his son’s mother abandoned him, he’s raising Harry alone, determined to be the boy’s champion at all costs.

He meets Everly Avery through a dating app, and she’s the first woman who’s sparked anything inside Trace’s heart in years. After their near-perfect first date, he can’t wait to see her again.

Everly Avery is new in town, trying to establish her dance studio and help her older brother get his catering business off the ground in small-town Coral Canyon, all while keeping an eye on her younger brother as he goes off to college for the first time. She’s also Trace’s complete opposite. He’s tall and quiet, and she’s petite and bubbly. They get along like magic, though, and she’s surprised he tells her he can’t see her again after what she thought was a great date.

It was a great date, but Harry insists that Trace go out anyone but her. The teen takes dance lessons from her, as do the majority of his friends, and they all tease him about his dad dating Everly. He has a hard enough time fitting in because of Trace’s country music star status, and he begs his dad to find someone else.

So that’s that. Except Trace can’t stop thinking about Everly. He doesn’t like anyone else he goes out with. When Everly brings the food for an event his younger brother has, they come face-to-face again.

And this time, they come up with a plan.

They’ll simply keep their relationship a secret.