Trouble ePUB by Roe Horvat


Trouble ePUB by Roe Horvat
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Roe Horvat
December 7, 2022
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Trouble ePUB by Roe Horvat

Hugh has been in love with Kirby for years, which either makes him the most foolish or the most patient alpha on the planet. Because Kirby Matthews, the famous porn star and omega of everyone’s wet dreams, is resolutely single. But Hugh knows the real Kirby underneath the armor of glamour and snark. When an opportunity arises to be with him during heat, Hugh will do whatever it takes—even get naked in front of the cameras.
Kirby has made it big time, from homelessness to international stardom. He can now enjoy the small things like the feeling of silk on his skin, long showers, and cupcakes. Life is comfortingly simple. But then his longtime crush auditions for a role in his next film, and Kirby is torn. Getting entangled with a close friend, a member of his makeshift family, is a certifiably stupid idea. But saying no to Hugh? Beefy arms, shaved head, and growly voice—all rough alpha, but with a ridiculously soft heart… How is Kirby supposed to resist such temptation?
The most anticipated porn flick of the year, starring Kirby Matthews in heat. Ten days on set, with no privacy and no space to explore their feelings. You can’t fall in love while filming porn, right?
Trouble is an omegaverse erotic romance featuring high heat, friends to lovers, hurt/comfort. HEA, standalone.

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