Here we will try to answer some of the most issues that users face and some frequently asked questions. For PORTS and Windows PC related issue, scroll below.

APK Files are downloaded as ZIP, i do not understand why?

Answer: This happens on some browser not sure why, but some simple solutions are given below

– Use a different browser to download the apk file

– Rename the .zip to .apk — example ( to (gamename.apk) then install it

– Use SAI installer from playstore to install it (its free app on playstore you can download)

– Use a Mirror Link to download the apk file

How do i login to play?

Answer: Please enter username and password:

All small letters, if you get error then check your internet connection, sometimes when our server is busy you may also get error so just try again after 5 mins.

I keep Getting Unknown Error Please contact the modder?

Answer: This can happen sometimes when our server is having an issue OR in most cases our firewall may be detecting your IP Address as threat, in that case try the following

– Use a VPN and connect to any country that will change your IP Address and you will be able to login then.

– Reboot your WIFI and then try again

– If you are on WIFI then use DATA connection and if on DATA then use WIFI connection

If you are a Xiaomi user and getting “App Not Installed Error” or “Poblem parsing the package error” then follow the steps below, this method will also help you fix if you are running Android 11.

1) Download MT Manager APK by clicking – HERE

2) Once downloaded, install it.

3) Open up the app and it will load a file manager with all your files and folders, so navigate to the folder where you placed the MOD APK file

4) Click on APK file or in some cases, you will have to long press then click on “Functions” or if you long pressed then click on “Sign APK”

5) You will be listed with a bunch of options, so select “APK Sign”

6) Then Click “OK” and it will sign the APK file, now you can install it.

7) It will output a new APK file inside the same folder, so install the apk file and enjoy.

How To Install APK Files

Answer: Download the APK file from the link given on the post, make sure installation from unknown sources is enabled on your Android security settings, search for that on google, it is located inside settings. Once you have enabled it, install and run the APK file.

I can’t See MOD MENU, how do i give permission?

Answer: If the game has MOD MENU and you cannot find it on screen, make sure draw over apps permission or apps appear on top is enabled from settings > apps > game name > then draw over apps or apps appear on top permission, it can be named any of those depending on your device.

App Not Installed Error

Answer: If you have the original game installed make sure you uninstall it first, or if you download it from some other source make sure to uninstall the game first before installing any game mod from, sometimes it may be signature issues so you can try to sign the apk with MT Manager APK, click here to download. You can also use SAI installer or any other application that can sign apk files, whichever works for you.

Problem Parsing Package

Answer: First make sure you have the minimum required Android version to run the game, if so then it may be some issue with your Device mostly on Xiaomi devices, to fix that download MK Manager APK by CLICKING HERE and use that to sign the APK file you downloaded from our site, that should fix the issue and allow you to install the game.

How to login to Facebook

Answer: Uninstall Facebook official app that you got from the play store then try to sign in again from the game using the regular browser pop-up

Where to place OBB files

Answer: First download the Obb Zip file that is given and extracts it once downloaded, you will have a folder. Place that folder inside the Android / Obb folder on your device, the Android folder can be found in the same place where you find DCIM, WhatsApp, Video, and other folders.



These are some common issues you may face with Android Ports for some i have the solution.

1) The game crashes as soon as it launches

Answer: There is nothing i can do about it, though let me know in the comments if possible i can try and port it with a different version of the engine to see if it works.

2) The game lags a lot or lags and freezes then crashes.

Answer: This may be due to the way the phone renders the images on the game, it may freeze or make your device lag if your device is old. To fix it try and clear up RAM on your device and IF the game allows you to turn of animations, transitions, and other things from its settings then do so.

3) I can’t get past typing my name.

Answer: if you are having difficulty getting past typing your name, then type your name and keep hitting backspace, even though it will look like it did not erase, just hit and then type your name again and hit enter it will register it, if it doesn’t then repeat the steps again because in some cases in may take a little effort. In some cases since asking for your name is at the beginning of the game, you can go back to the title screen/main menu and start again and then it should work fine.

If that doesn’t solve the issue then try using a different keyboard, try either google keyboard, if you have a Samsung device use the default Samsung keyboard or swift keyboard. Whichever works.



If you have issues with the game running, you need to install the following prerequisites:

1. All-In-One (AIO) Runtime. This installs the Microsoft Visual C++ Libraries needed to run games. You can download it here: Download, extract and run the “install_all.bat” file

2. Make sure your DirectX is fully updated. You can download that from here:

3. Microsoft XNA Framework. You can download that from here:


• Read the installation instructions on the post from where you downloaded the game first.
• Some cracked games require Steam to be installed to work properly.
• The download will always be a .rar archive file so make sure you have WinRAR installed.
• Make sure you disable your Antivirus before extracting / installing otherwise the crack files may be removed. If they are removed you should be able to restore them from your Antivirus’ “quarantine” section.
• If a game has multiple parts download all parts, then extract part 1. The other parts will extract automatically.
• If the game brings you to steam, the crack files were removed or not installed properly.

Why is my Anti-Virus detecting game has malware or virus?

This is a common practice used by Developers who pay Anti-Virus companies to flag cracked games as Viruses to scare you away, we find the best games from trusted sources and if it is not available else where thenwe release it ourself (if requested). At this point it really comes down to your own choice, if you feel unsafe you shouldn’t use cracked games instead buy them.

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