True North ePUB by Shay Scott


True North ePUB by Shay Scott
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Shay Scott
November 15, 2022
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True North ePUB by Shay Scott

Sarah failed the scan. There’s no doubt she will be going to the camps, never to be seen again. She’s almost to the door when suddenly a man grabs her hand and whispers in her ear, “come with me.”

Not today North, no one else is getting taken. I slip my hand around hers, and as she turns around I freeze. My body responds to those deep brown eyes in a very visceral way. I need to save her.


Five years ago the virus hit. The world stopped.

Everyone complied to the demands and mandates. Those who did not became the hunted. When the newly elected President was killed during his acceptance speech, and the Authority took over. They wanted total control, so they created the antitoxin, the malls and the detainment camps. Once Activation day came, millions died. The Authority had committed genocide.

It is time for the hunted to become the hunters,

take the Authority down and get our country back.

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