Twisted Games by Roisin Visser (Epub)

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Twisted Games by Roisin Visser (Epub)

**** Time is Now****
Is the threat moving closer or has it been amongst them the whole time?
Their memories can’t be trusted

When news is leaked to the media about the scandal at Horizon Wellness Center, the HBO documentary, the FBI, and Belmont College, along with the board of directors, scramble to save face. While they are busy pointing fingers at one another the threat continues to toy with them all.
Matt reopens the Lassiter twin’s disappearance cold case when links are found between the lone survivor of the Camp Caroll massacre, Hutton, and the Lassiter family. He learns quickly just how much the original investigation was mishandled. The more he digs, the more attention he draws to himself putting him in dangerous crosshairs.
Blaine won’t admit he’s struggling with addiction. Finding Keir at the Wellness Center and Eden missing push him over the edge. He realizes the attachments he’s formed with Eden and the guys mean more to him than he was willing to admit. It’s clear that Keir and Caleb know something they shouldn’t, making them targets.

Dangerous secrets threaten their future…no one can be trusted.

****Trigger Warnings: This is a Why Choose/ Reverse Harem book, which means the FMC will have multiple love interests and she is not going to choose, explicit sex scenes, MMF, MFM, MF, profanity, descriptive language about past traumas.

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