Twisted Lies ePUB by Marie Scully


Twisted Lies ePUB by Marie Scully
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Marie Scully
December 19, 2022
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Twisted Lies ePUB by Marie Scully


The time to regain my throne is near…

I’ve grown tired of playing a role. Claire doesn’t mind being deceptive as much, in fact I think she’s grown comfortable in her role as Mia, it suits her. But I no longer want to be Kevin.

The time has come to make my move…I’ve waited for years to return home and restore my family’s honor to its former glory.

I will make those who betrayed us pay with their lives.

Long live the King.


I’ve always thought there was something different about Kevin and Mia, something in the way they held themselves and hid away from the world. As if they were always ready to run.

But Mia saved my life, and their secrets were none of my business.

I have my own secrets to keep hidden. My own demons to keep buried. All it could take is one mistake and my past life can catch up to me. Then I will have nowhere and no one to run to but Kevin.

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