Twisted Sinner ePUB by Cara Bianchi


Twisted Sinner ePUB by Cara Bianchi
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Cara Bianchi
December 16, 2022
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Twisted Sinner ePUB by Cara Bianchi

Leo Zhubarev.

Most people don’t know his name. They call him Volk Smerti – Death Wolf.

He’s a ghost, a wraith, a reaper.

Some don’t believe he’s a man at all. But I know better.

Sinfully sexy. Ocean eyes, filthy mouth. Cold heart and blood-soaked hands.

One fateful night, I danced with the devil. I fell into his arms, then his bed.

I was lucky to get away with just a broken heart. It wasn’t until later that I realized he had left something important behind.

Our baby daughter.

When he comes for me, I have no choice but to stay by his side. Someone out there wants me dead, and he’s my only hope of survival.

Leo is a murderer. An assassin with no conscience. He cares for nothing and no one.

Except me.

I find myself wanting to reach inside him and find out who he really is. But as we grow closer, his darkness stains my soul until I don’t know what to believe.

As we’re dragged into a twisted mess of blood, lies, and corruption, one question plagues my thoughts.

Will the man who loves me be the one to kill me?

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