Unbelievably Yours by Mallory Funk (epub)

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Unbelievably Yours by Mallory Funk (epub)

Becoming a prospect for the Vicious Snakes MC was an easy decision. Their belief in their club, and emphasis on family, had drawn me in. I worked hard to earn their trust and be patched in as a brother.

I hid a part of myself for a long time. I was scared that, if revealed, the life that I worked so hard to have would be taken away.

Rhett Anderson, also known as Ink to the club, came along and turned my life upside down.

I knew I wanted him from the beginning, but I held myself back.

Then, one day, Ink decided I was his. I couldn’t find a reason to walk away. But, then again, I didn’t want to.

Our journey wasn’t easy. But it is completely and unbelievably ours.

This book is MM. It can be read alone but I recommend to read books 6-8 to get the stories that follow on the same timeline.

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