Unbonded for You by Amy Bellows (Epub)

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Unbonded for You by Amy Bellows (Epub)

Surrogate needed. $100,000 compensation.

I always thought that when I got pregnant, I’d be happily bonded and ready to start a family.

But my mate left two years ago. Unfortunately, the bond that ties us didn’t. I need to have it surgically removed if I want to stop aching for a man who will never return. The cost of the surgery is $50,000. Being a surrogate would cover that.

The only problem is, it’s difficult for an omega to become pregnant if they’re bonded to someone else. I’ll have to take a high dose of Doxum. The side effects are terrible. Most omegas have heat-like symptoms and a desperate need for affection.

To make matters worse, the alpha who placed the ad is my type in every way. He’s older, nerdy, and incredibly kind. I worry that I’ll beg him to care for me, even though that isn’t how situations like this work. Or even worse, I’ll let myself develop feelings for him.

The last thing I need is to ache for another man who doesn’t want me.

Unbonded for You is a hurt/comfort romance with MPreg, knotting, and romantic trips to the bookstore. It’s the fifth book in the Nerds Who Knot series, but it stands alone.

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