Underspire by Jason Anspach, Nick Cole (ePUB)

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Underspire by Jason Anspach, Nick Cole (ePUB)

Dig Deep! The Rangers Are About to Set It Off!

What starts as a mission to control a key area of a city under siege becomes a relentless race against the clock for Ranger Team Leader Louis Campbell. One minute Lou and his team are fighting Saur infantry looking to stab them in the face, and the next he’s saddled with a bunch of dwarven sappers looking to breach the city’s catacombs–or risk losing the city of Sûstagul to a tidal wave of undead.

The Under Roads are no simple tunnels, but these are no simple dwarves. Dispatched by the dwarven king and led by a dwarf known as the Ax Rider, they come prepared with cunning, modern weapons, and a bit of dwarven know-how. Aided by Lou’s Ranger Team, they must negotiate the alien underground landscape to destroy their target: an engine of malevolent power known as the Underspire.

In the war for the Ruin, some battles must be fought in the dark!

This stand-alone novel is set between the events of Forgotten Ruin Books 6 & 7, but can be enjoyed without having read them. The Siege on Underspire takes you beneath the streets, to fight the battles you didn’t see coming. Grab your rifle and unsheathe your ax to join Louis and the dwarves in their bid to shatter the Underspire before it’s too late!

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