Unforgettable by Grace Turner (Epub)

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Unforgettable by Grace Turner (Epub)

Two summers ago.
Three best friends.
One unforgettable night.

Amanda Allan didn’t know that her two best friends were interested in more than friendship. Or that she was either.

Until two summers ago, when she found herself in bed with Reed Gregory and Josh Shepherd. And rather than choose between them, she decided not to choose at all.

But since they rolled out of bed the following morning, they haven’t spoken of it.

Aside from a few long looks and a conversation or two that straddled the line of friendly, it seemed like that night had been completely forgotten. Except Amanda can’t stop thinking about the hottest night of her life.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to risk their friendships. So, no repeats, no reruns, no second chances.

That is until Reed and Josh decide they’re done waiting—they both want a shot with Amanda. Their plan: two dates with each of them. Then, unlike their first night together, she chooses either Josh or Reed. Reed or Josh.

But it’s during the competition for Amanda’s heart, that Josh and Reed unravel a truth that will undoubtedly alter their friendship. And threatens everything they’re both working toward. All while Amanda’s own life is turned upside down.

And deciding between the two men may not be the biggest challenge she has to face. Or the most difficult thing the three of them have to withstand.

Unless…she doesn’t have to choose at all?

Unforgettable is book two in the Murphy’s Law series. Each book will center around their friend group and focus on one, or more, of the friends. This book does contain spoilers from book one.

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