Unforgivable Sins by Harmony A. Haun (ePUB)

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Unforgivable Sins by Harmony A. Haun (ePUB)

Wendee Wright hasn’t had the easiest life. She grew up without the protection and guidance of loving parents but, most importantly, she grew up without the experience of fundamental human love and connection. This leads her down a path of constantly searching for the love she craves, but the problem is, she’s always looking in all the wrong places. And things don’t get much more toxic than Peter “Sinn” Sinnclair.
Sinn is as cold and unpredictable as a deadly, riotous ocean. He’s also just as dangerously beautiful. He lives in a constant state of anger because of what he lost, and when Wendee walks into his bar, all of the memories from that night come flooding back. He wants nothing to do with her and all of the foreign feelings she brings out of him, but he finds himself drawn to her in ways he can’t explain or control and, since he’s a control freak, this only angers him more.
She sees him and all of his toxic, dangerous energy but she also feels like she knows him on a deeper level. His stunning and storming ocean eyes are familiar somehow. They call to something deep inside of her. A memory. Something she can’t quite remember but, it’s there, lurking between them. A history he remembers but she doesn’t. And in this world, nothing is as it seems.

You’ve never read Peter and Wendee like this before! So, buckle up for this dark and sexy urban fantasy reimagining of Peter Pan.

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