Unholy (Cardinal Sin) by Kady Ash (epub)

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Unholy (Cardinal Sin) by Kady Ash (epub)

All my life, I’ve been taught to worship The Saint. My father is a vicar and my mom is constantly trying to one-up herself in the ranks of Luna Vale Sainthood Church, which leaves me the obedient daughter who can’t imagine doing anything but following in their footsteps.
But when the man I’ve been promised to decides I’m not worth the wait, my perfectly-laid plan goes sideways. I’m no good to the Sainthood if I’m not being married off. I’m no good to my parents if I don’t find a good match with someone.
And I so, so desperately want to be good.
Luckily for me, someone else has his eye on me. Someone older, rich, experienced. My parents may not approve, but I’m a grown woman now capable of choosing my own path — and maybe I don’t want to worship The Saint anymore.
Maybe I want to worship him.
I just hope my last chance at salvation doesn’t become my undoing.

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