Unleashing Powerhouse ePUB by Liberty Parker


Unleashing Powerhouse ePUB by Liberty Parker
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Liberty Parker
November 13, 2022
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Unleashing Powerhouse ePUB by Liberty Parker

Cole, who’s known as Powerhouse by his brothers, steers clear of relationships. Why? Because his mother taught him a valuable lesson in love. Never give your heart away and always keep your distance. He had a rough and rowdy childhood, one full of traumatic events. He’s lived by a code. But now he’s met her, and he can’t remember any of those reasons. She makes him question all of his beliefs. His heart beats for her, which is weird because it barely beats for him.

Salem had a wonderful upbringing, full of love and laughter. Her dad was her everything, and her mother was her best friend. Until her father lost his life, and her mother’s heartbreak made her take off in search of greener pastures. Salem lost them both. Despite her world crumbling around her, she never gave up on life or love. She’s a dynamo who’s determined to break down all of Cole’s defenses. Giving up is not a word in her dictionary. She may think she’s not picture perfect for him, looks wise, but she knows she’s what’s best for his heart.

Their motto: Never give up, fight the good fight, never go to bed angry, and always kiss and make up.

Will the club’s enemies put their future at risk? Or will their strengths boil over and fill the club with hope?

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