Verses Of Us by Mimi Flood (ePUB)


Verses Of Us by Mimi Flood (ePUB)
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Mimi Flood
January 22, 2023
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A love song years in the making.

When the world sees you as a commodity, as sex behind a mic, you quickly lose sight of who you really are.
But Alexis Stanek? She sees the guy from Dublin who’s afraid of being alone. I have everything anyone could want: money, fame, women, but she’s the one thing I never knew I needed. When I’m around her, all the love songs I’ve written sound flawed.
Like moons crossing paths on some fated orbit, she keeps showing up in my life, and every time, I f*** it up. We’re disjointed melodies and random words…
When will I learn that not all songs have happy endings?

People don’t see me. And I’m perfectly alright hiding on the sidelines.
When Ciarán Jones, international pop star, looks at me, do I think he sees anything more than just another fan? Absolutely not. Not a chance. Again: International. Pop. Star.
And yet, we keep pulling together time after time. He’s like that damn song that creeps into your brain in the middle of the night and pesters you until you give in and hum along.
The thing is, I can’t keep away. I know he’s bad news. But I also know what makes him tick, and he definitely knows how to make my toes curl.
How long will it be before I take the record off repeat?

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