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Vicious by Rebecca Joyce (epub)

I never wanted a family until someone tried to take it away ~ Vicious.

Life as a nomad was all I knew. All I ever thought I wanted. Funny how things never go as planned. Finally, putting down roots for my daughter, I settle into domestic life, begrudgingly. Everything was Golden until it wasn’t.

I never wanted the traditional family. I had my club, my brothers and my daughter. I was happy with that until she walked into my life. Now, everything is messed up. She woke something deep inside me I kept hidden. Rattled, I try to resist only to succumb to her charms.

When both of our pasts collide, I must face a life I walked away from. Seeking help from an old friend, I am faced with a decision that will change everything. To protect my family, I will do whatever it takes, and when someone tries to take what’s mine, I will unleash my true, vicious nature.


All I ever wanted was a life that was my own. A fresh start, far away from the life I once knew. As the nanny and schoolteacher to the Golden Skulls children, I thought I found my happiness. Then there was him. The one brother who actually saw me until he shouted his true feelings.

My whole life, I knew where I stood. I was the spare. Molded and cultivated from birth, I was there as the backup, just in case something went wrong. I never dreamed it would. When the unthinkable happens, I step in and do what is required of me, only to find resistance from all sides.

With no choice, I am forced to leave the only place that felt like home and return to a life I never wanted. When help comes from an unlikely source, I realize that family isn’t just blood. It’s those who will stand beside you in the storm and fight with you.

PERSONAL NOTE FROM AUTHOR: The Golden Skulls Motorcycle Club is a series of books with many triggers. I cannot stress this enough. If you suffer from any trigger, please take caution when reading my books.

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