Village Rhapsody Free Download Windows PC


Village Rhapsody Free Download Windows PC
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October 6, 2022
Windows 7 or higher
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Village Rhapsody Free Download Windows PC

Follow up plan for this game:
After the release of this game, we expect that it will be updated to a version with relatively stable text content within 1-2 months, and then we will promote native English and role dubbing.At present, we have contacted the CV office in Japan. Yes, that’s right! This work will have Japanese voice actors dubbing our characters.

Here we also look forward to Chinese dubbing. Please contact us by email if you are willing to cooperate: [email protected]

The player will play an aspiring young man who participates in the construction of a new rural area. He will use his life skills to help complete the requests of the villagers, meet the needs of the girls, improve the girls’ goodwill towards you, and strive for the honor of a strong man who dares to carry water for the widow.

In the game, you can experience the fun of sowing, watering leeks every day and watching them grow happily.

Explore every area of the map and enjoy fishing.

Wanton search for other people’s family secrets.

Understand the story behind each character through the task and plot.

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