Waking Her Demon by Alexis Pierce, Natalie Barry (ePUB)

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Waking Her Demon by Alexis Pierce, Natalie Barry (ePUB)

Joesph Munson is known to the world as the Devil, the frontman of the popular metal band Corrupted Hellfire.
Christine Osmond is an up-and-coming pop singer, and she’s been possessed by a demon since she was fourteen. The demon cured her mom’s cancer, but it didn’t prevent the disease from returning and taking her life. Now, Christine is alone, and, after a stint in the hospital, she’s going on tour.
Shattered Festival is the nation’s biggest rock tour, and Corrupted Hellfire is headlining. When Christine finds out that Joseph, the only guy she’s ever loved, will be singing on the same stage as her, she finds herself falling apart with a desperate need to win his heart.
Only, he doesn’t seem to remember her at all. She isn’t the only one with secrets, but which of them is more dangerous?

Waking Her Demon is a steamy paranormal romance that includes dark themes that may be difficult for some readers.


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