Wed To The Alien Gladiator ePUB by January Bell


Wed To The Alien Gladiator ePUB by January Bell
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January Bell
November 13, 2022
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Wed To The Alien Gladiator ePUB by January Bell

Things were improving between us… that is, until he got the bright idea to kidnap me.

I never thought I’d be tricked into an arranged marriage with an alien warlord. Still, it’s been easy enough to keep my former gladiator husband at arm’s length. But once my translator starts working, the hulking himbo decides he’s tired of waiting and freaking kidnaps me.

I wake in a picturesque seaside village, and the big lug is only too happy to inform me that it’s all part of his plan to give us time to fall in love. Strangely enough, it turns out he was listening when I told him I loved historical mysteries, because he’s brought me to Sueva’s own unsolved mystery: a once thriving town where all occupants vanished without a trace.
My overthinker brain is all too easily sucked into the riddle— and maybe even the idea of Alvez. Except… the reason the villagers disappeared? It’s not stuck in the past, and we’re in trouble. If Alvez and I want to escape the same fate, we’ll have to rely on each other… and I’ll have to stop over analyzing my feelings about him.

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