What Heals Us by Maggie Gates (ePUB)

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What Heals Us by Maggie Gates (ePUB)

“Surely losing your virginity to a firefighter in a cabin getaway that was won at a fundraiser was against some fine-print bylaw in the town charter.”

It all started with a list.

Ten resolutions for a new year, new me.

Or at least the me I thought I should be.

It was going all fine and dandy until I got snowed in with my friend’s brother.

Her much older brother. What happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin. Right?


When Austin Hale shows up on my doorstep, offering to help me with my list, I decide that I’d be crazy to say no. He’s new in town, and I’d rather not go on my journey of self-discovery alone.

We can do this as friends. Besides, he’s too old for me, and the two of us have enough baggage to fill an airplane.

Ten resolutions, and then we move on.

In my mind, the rules are clear. But my heart has plans of its own.

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