When Love and Hate Collide ePUB by Shayla Hart


When Love and Hate Collide ePUB by Shayla Hart
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Shayla Hart
December 18, 2022
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When Love and Hate Collide ePUB by Shayla Hart

Have you ever met someone and immediately loathed everything about their very existence?

I have.

Dean Reyes

The devil’s most prized protégé.

And ultimately…my ruin.

I had the misfortune of meeting him when we were just five years old when the Turners moved onto our street and my mother forced me into being friends and playing with him.

Our friendship lasted a total of five minutes before he left me sobbing at the playground. After harshly informing me that he will never be friends with a girl and that I should never speak to him again.

Much to his dismay, his twin sister Ashlyn and I become best friends–actually, I would say more like sisters. Our families became close friends and growing up, that abhorrence between Dean and I intensified to a point we couldn’t be in one another’s presence for longer than five minutes without tearing into one another.

Despite his best effort to drive a wedge between Ashlyn and me, we’re still going strong, living together and even studying at the same university.

When Ashlyn and I left for university, Dean enlisted in the Royal Air Force to become a fighter pilot and we’ve not seen each other since…until the summer of 2004, when we all came back home for the summer.

I’m familiar with the expression, ‘there’s a very thin line between love and hate’ but never in my wildest dreams would Dean and I ever be caught dead in each other’s company, let alone in bed together.

Yet here we are, tearing off one another’s clothes while hurling insults at one another.

And the worst part of it all, If Ashlyn ever finds out that her twin brother and I have been discreetly hate screwing one another, I’ll lose her forever.

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