When She’s Pregnant Free ePUB by Ruby Dixon


When She's Pregnant Free ePUB by Ruby Dixon
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Ruby Dixon
October 25, 2022
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When She’s Pregnant Free ePUB by Ruby Dixon

Naomi has spent her entire profits from her farm’s yield for a fertility shot. She wants a baby to ease some of the loneliness of life at the edge of the universe. Unfortunately for her, the donor she had lined up can’t finish the job. What’s a lonely, ovulating human to do?

This one heads to the Port Custodial office and asks for help from the military custodian on duty.

Brawny but awkward Ainar isn’t sure why this human is insisting on needing his help for sleeping, but he’s happy to assist someone as delicate and pretty as the human colonist. And when he figures out what she really wants…well.

Surely this is a dream come true.