Where Our Closure Begins ePUB by Alex M. Nájera


Where Our Closure Begins ePUB by Alex M. Nájera
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Alex M. Nájera
January 3, 2023
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Where Our Closure Begins ePUB by Alex M. Nájera

Dr. Emma Lamb disappeared after almost dying in her 3rd year at medical school.

Ten years later, in her thirties, she likes to pretend that the circumstances that almost caused her to perish never happened. Living a calm life in London with her father and fiancée is all she ever wanted, and even sometimes the desire to move abroad with her small family, to put more distance between her and the memories, fills her.
But, when she comes across with the only person who still has questions about her disappearance, a Pandora box of memories, questions and grudges opens.Dr. Theodore Eullie, Emma’s ex-situationship, offers her an unhinged deal in which each will have what they want: Theo, her help and services as a therapist. Emma, the answers to the decade-long questions that kept her up many nights.
But that would only mean having Theodore back into her life, threatening everything she cares for: her job, her family, and her fiancée. Emma now, who also has to deal with the intention of her siblings to reconnect as their father’s health deteriorates, must decide if letting her skeletons walk out the closet is worth it, risking her perfect life. Would it be worth it to dig up the past without knowing how much dirt it would leave on her feet?
Emma knows that closure is a dangerous thing to crave. It just never occurred to her she’s been starving for a decade.

CONTENT WARNING: Remembrance of toxic relationship, partial amnesia, mentions of eating disorders, SH and taking one’s life.

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