Where We Left Off by Sapphire Hale (ePUB)


Where We Left Off by Sapphire Hale (ePUB)
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Sapphire Hale
January 21, 2023
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River Linton is finishing her Senior year of high school when she runs into Tate Coleson. He has sparkling eyes, dark tousled hair… and he was the worst thing that ever happened to her.

Tate is a blast from the past that River is determined to avoid, but keeping her distance is easier said than done. The more time that River and Tate spend together, the more that the truth of her past seems to unravel.

As River prepares to graduate and begin a life at college, she must decide whether to believe in her memories or to trust her gut. When the time comes to put her heart on the line, only one thing is for sure: not everything is as it seems.

Where We Left Off is a coming of age, small town romance, containing some mature content. For more information visit www.sapphireauthor.com

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