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May Dawson

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Ever since I planted my butt firmly in the Dragon King’s throne, my already-rogue magical powers have multiplied. My magic has developed an unfortunate tendency to blow things up whenever I’m unhappy.
I’m Queen of the isle. I’m also Queen of the wreckage.
So while I master my powers, I’ll be the hidden queen. Jaik rules in the north as the dragon king. His brother, Caldren, rules the rebels in the south as the wolf king. And I’m caught between them, as always. Hopefully, my ambitious men are merely keeping the thrones warm. I trust them. Mostly.
But the biggest problem I have is the Lord of the Scourge, the monstrous king who has every intention of claiming me and dragging me off to his zombie castle.
In the meantime, I’m back at the academy where my adventure began. Damyn, the older dragon knight that my men and I all look up to, helps me master my powers…and ignores the heat igniting between us.
Arren, the grouchy but loyal warrior who stood beside me in the gladiatorial games, is locked up at the academy with me too… trying to resist the zombie virus taking him over. Turning him into a monster.
And all the while, the Lord of the Scourge waits for me. He’s my best chance of saving Arren.
And he’s my best chance of losing myself.

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Windows PC game

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2) Extract it

3) Run the Main game EXE file inside the folder

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