Wildly Daring Free ePUB by Emma V Leech

Wildly Daring Free ePUB by Emma V Leech
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October 22, 2022
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Wildly Daring Free ePUB by Emma V Leech

A bold Miss and her beloved dog…

Lady Cara Baxter is a scandal waiting to happen. She knows it. Her family know it. The only question is when and what kind of scandal she will fall into, though undoubtedly her dog, Sultan, will be at the heart of it. Cara doesn’t care. The marriage mart is a bear bait, and not half so much fun as she thought it would be. Sultan might be badly behaved, but outside of her family he is the only male in her life that truly loves her.

A criminal with a heart of gold…

Wulfric ‘Wolf’ De Vere, Viscount Latimer, is a conundrum and he knows it. To all the world, he is Le Loup Noir, king of the Parisian underworld. If you want silks, spices, alcohol, or anything of an exotic nature, you go to Wolf. If you wanted someone to disappear, you go to Wolf. If you want a favour, you go to Wolf, but only if you are prepared to pay the price, and that price is high.

Everyone knows he is not a man to be crossed, but they do not know Wolf.
An irresistible temptation…
When Evie describes her lovely friend and her naughty hound, her description captivates Wolf. Having stolen the letter Cara wrote her friend, Wolf begins a correspondence with a girl he has never laid eyes on. Signing himself only as ‘W’, an unlikely friendship begins.

An adventure with a man she ought not to trust…

When Cara discovers her wicked W is none other than the infamous Lord Latimer, newly arrived in London, nothing will keep her from the man she has fallen in love with one letter at a time. She does not care about his terrible reputation, nor that it will ruin her to be discovered in his company. Nothing matters, but being with the man she adores, and anyway, falling into scandal was inevitable so she may as well be…

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