Wingspan Free ePUB by Cambria Hebert


Wingspan Free ePUB by Cambria Hebert
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September 26, 2022
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Ever feel like you’re being watched?
It’s an awareness so familiar I adapted to it long ago.
Then I enrolled at Westbrook University to chase my dream
and make up for someone else’s lost one.
The prying eyes I’d known almost since birth…
They closed.
Even still, I never got too close.
I made friends with everyone but confided in no one.
My dates were carefully chosen,
meaning I went out with guys I didn’t really like.
And then I was attacked.
I slept in Jamie’s bed while he stayed near me on the floor.
He gave me his number, told me to call.
Oh, I wanted to call. But I didn’t.
Now those invisible, observant eyes that always seemed familiar have returned.
But this time? They chill me to the bone.
Someone is watching. Lurking.
And it’s only a matter of time until whoever is out there does more than stare.
The only place I feel truly safe is wrapped in the massive wingspan of an Elite swimmer.
The very man I know I need to avoid.
But as shit goes down, it becomes clear I’m going to have to surrender something…
My heart or my life.

Please note that Wingspan contains mentions of domestic abuse and suicide. There is also present danger and stalking. These situations may be triggering for some readers.

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