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Witches x Warlocks Full Version Free Download by Nifty Visuals Full Windows
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July 5, 2022
Windows 7 or higher
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Witches x Warlocks Full Version Free Download by Nifty Visuals

Witches x Warlocks is a cute and light-hearted Halloween Raising Sim; featuring a customizable protagonist and 4 love interests of different genders!

Witches x Warlocks will be available as a free version with 3 love interests (male, female, nonbinary).

The DLC will contain additional illustrations and one additional romance route.

♦  Customizable protagonist (hair colour, skin colour)
♦  Custom name & pronoun
♦  4 romantic interests (2 male, 1 female, 1 nonbinary)
♦  28 spells / scenes to unlock
♦  Partial VA
♦  6 endings
♦  Around 1 hour per playthrough

Seven days until Halloween!

Seven days until the final exams!

Seven days until Fay Nightshade gets booted out of school for being the only witch unable to cast a single spell.

Take control of Fay and help them cram a semester’s worth of studying in the last week before the exams!

How many spells can you learn? And will you manage to find Fay a date for the Halloween festivities afterwards?


1) Download the ZIP File

2) Extract it and run the game application main EXE file

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