Wreck The Halls ePUB by Nicole Scarano, N.R. Scarano


Wreck The Halls ePUB by Nicole Scarano, N.R. Scarano
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Nicole Scarano
December 25, 2022
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Wreck The Halls ePUB by Nicole Scarano, N.R. Scarano

What if Krampus and Santa were mortal enemies… and exes?

Once allies that worked together during the Holidays, a falling out centuries ago turned Santas against the Krampus race, and they’ve been locked in an eternal war ever since. Eager to end her kind’s exile, Eira dedicated her life to hunting down the current reincarnation of Santa, and on Christmas Eve, she lays a trap for him in the house of those who’ve been oh so naughty.

When Santa comes down the chimney and falls into her ambush, he isn’t the old man she was expecting. It’s Nick, the sexy fae she fell in love with years ago. The man who broke her heart when he left in the middle of the night without an explanation. Now, this fight is personal.

But despite leaving her for a good reason, Nick regrets his decision, and as Eira, the beautiful Krampus, tries to kill him, he hopes to show her that hate and love are two sides of the same coin. If she’ll just give him a second chance, they could wreck the halls without all the fighting.

An enemies-to-lovers holiday short, this action-packed and steam-filled read is meant for mature audiences. Please see the author’s note at the beginning of the book for more info.

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