Zane by Madeline Baker (ePUB)

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Zane by Madeline Baker (ePUB)
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Madeline Baker
January 23, 2023
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When a stranger rides onto the ranch looking for work, Kathleen Taggart has to agree with her father—he looks like trouble. Still, there is something about the man that intrigues her even as her father warns her to stay away from him.
Zane Two Shadows is a drifter, a bounty hunter, and a half-breed wanted for murder. He’s not looking for anything more than a chance to earn a few dollars before he moves on.
In spite of her father’s certainty that the stranger is trouble, Zane is just the kind of man Tobias Taggart is looking for—a man who’s handy with a gun and not afraid to use it.

Circumstances and fate throw Kathleen and Zane together, proving that her father was right—Zane was definitely trouble. But not the kind her father warned her about.

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