Zane’s Rebel ePUB by Loni Nichole


Zane's Rebel ePUB by Loni Nichole
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Loni Nichole
December 9, 2022
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Zane’s Rebel ePUB by Loni Nichole

For once in his life, this strait-laced attorney is ready to throw caution to the wind. Too bad his sassy, rebellious soulmate refuses to take the risk.

I take on the sassy-mouthed heiress’s case because she needs a good defense. She’s being sued by her father’s former business partner, who wants to destroy her. The odds in this small-town are stacked against her. I’ll win because I’m the best, but also because I have so much on the line. Namely, proving to my gorgeous, spunky girl that she and her thick, curvy body belong to me. And I always take care of what is mine.

Holy hot older man! I know Zane Montoya is supposed to be my attorney, but man, I just want to ruffle all his feathers and send his unflappable, serious demeanor flying out the window. I know better, though. I don’t have good instincts when it comes to men, and I refuse to end up in a gilded cage like my mom. I won’t trade my freedom for anything, not even the chance at love. It’s not worth the risk. Still, Zane looks at me differently than any other man. When he swears he’ll protect me, I really want to believe him.

If you like over-the-top, insta-love romance with a little bit of humor and a tiny amount of drama, Loni Nichole has you covered. No cheating and happily-ever-afters are always guaranteed.

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