Zealous for Zane ePUB by A.W. Scott


Zealous for Zane ePUB by A.W. Scott
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A.W. Scott
December 30, 2022
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Zealous for Zane ePUB by A.W. Scott

He’s completely off limits…

Zane has spent his entire life playing dress up. First with his own clothes as a gangly teen, then as a young man helping dress Hollywood’s hottest. While on a last-minute shoot in the middle of a tropical paradise, he meets an intriguing man he can’t stop from tumbling into bed with. Life’s too short to not have good di- well, you know.

But that shoot turns out to be the one that changes everything. Tired of being treated as less than by those around him, he quits his job shortly after and decides to move back home. Except life can’t be that easy. On his first day of work, Zane finds out the man he’s trying to impress, his new boss, just so happens to be his mystery man from his last job.

Callum has built an empire beyond his wildest dreams. Unfortunately, it came at the sacrifice of his family. To fight the loneliness his divorce brought, he focused on expanding his business even more. While on a trip out of town to check on a shoot, he meets a young man who makes him forget his troubles amidst a sea of passion.

Returning to work after that trip is harder. He can’t shake the thoughts of the man with the sassy mouth from his mind. His urge to claim him, to tame him, feels like a challenge he can’t relinquish. If only he could have another chance with him, he’d make it count. He’s show him what a good Daddy could be like.

Can Zane keep his cool around the man who seems determined to be more than his boss? Will Callum get the second chance he longs for with his boy? Everything makes sense with A Little Slice of Paradise.

This story features an eager, jealous Billionaire Daddy, a sassy Princess Little determined to keep his business and pleasure separate, and the journey they take to find out what’s important in life.

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