Zodiac Throne by R.C. Luna (Epub)

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Zodiac Throne by R.C. Luna (Epub)

I’ve accepted my fate as Queen…yet this crown is not without its thorns.

The Dark King has become my mate and even though I didn’t think I could fall in love again, the stars had other plans.

Now, holding the delicate balance of our world in my hands, everything that matters to me is at risk.

They’ll try to take it all from me.

But they forget that I’m a f*cking savage, and I’m here to take everything from them.

Alliances are formed and traitors revealed. Traps are set.

Will the prophecy of my rein become a reality, or an endless nightmare?

***Note to readers: This is the series conclusion in a mature, college-age, dark, sexy paranormal romance series. Expect enemies to lovers shifters, vampires, fae, and enough action to keep your heart racing with every turn of the page. (18+).

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